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Katie Mastromattei

MACP, RP, CRPO #11903


Have you encountered life transitions, self-esteem issues, symptoms of anxiety and depression, or are questions coming up about your past experiences and their impact on your daily life? If so, I would be happy to work together in a safe space, to find some answers. While therapy can be part of a holistic approach to wellness, it is also individualistic, and I believe that each client deserves support that will best suit their needs. Everyone has a unique story. Through empowering clients, I listen to their story, and help them develop healthier coping strategies and points of view. My years of teaching experience has reinforced my belief that everyone deserves to be heard and understood. Seeking a therapist requires bravery and self awareness, I recognize that it’s not always an easy thing to do, and I’m happy you’re here.

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